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Cesare Galli


Placed by all the international Directories at the top of the Italian legal profession, the law firm IP Law Galli was established in 2004 and it is still led by Atty. Professor Cesare Galli, Chair of Industrial Property Law in the Department of Law of the University of Parma, who has been dealing since 1986 with important litigation in Europe regarding all branches of IP Law, often tackling  cross-border problems too. In 1999 Professor Galli obtained the first Italian final ruling on biotech patents. In 2004 the firm secured the first Italian ruling on computer-implemented invention patents, and between 2005 and 2019 obtained key decisions on the protection of pharmaceutical patents, renowned trademarks and designs in relation to which some of the highest assessment of damages ever made in Italy were issued.

He is often asked to review and manage the most sensitive IP aspects of M&A transactions, developing creative solutions for the most problematic aspects thereof and delimitation of the respective rights of the parties. He provides legal advice not only to rights holders, but also to civil society organisations dealing with IP rights management and enforcement, like INDICAM (as a permanent guest of the Executive Board), Confindustria (as a member of its IP Board of Experts), AIPPI (as a member of the Italian Executive Committee and coordinator of the Trademark Group) AmCham (as a member of the Life Science Working Group) and Bruno Leoni Institute (as Senior Fellow). As Co-Editor of Il diritto industriale (the most important Italian IP Law Review, which comments and analyses enforcement-related case-law) he collects and analyses enforcement-related case-law to monitor trends and identify new developments in intellectual property rights infringements and management strategies

IP Law Galli was established as a law office “of excellence” highly specialised in the IP sector and characterised by the keen distinguishing mark of the founder, Atty. Professor Cesare Galli, and by a market-oriented approach that aims to enhance the procedural instruments in order to reach positive results as quickly as possible. The Law Firm firmly preserves this attitude without neglecting the importance of highly professional and knowledgeable lawyers who team up with the leader with shared goals and methods and proceed in a mainly international context, but at the same time demonstrate a deep rootedness in the most significant areas of the Italian economic life.


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