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Hormigon HECT Consultoria has among its products a specialized service that provides technical support to its clients, both companies and  law firms to help them overcome conflicts. Hormigon HECT also  provides preventive solutions by managing contractual risks during the development of its client’s projects as well as implementing and supporting the application of a Corporate Compliance Program that suits their necessities and obligations.

With more than 15 years experience and over 500 assessed contracts, Hormigon HECT has a solid workflow methodology and is certified by ISO 9001. To develop its operations, Hormigon HECT counts on a multidisciplinary experienced professionals team to provide support in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations or litigations processes, applying recognized international practices, aiming to the most suitable method required for each case, which allows the identification of responsibilities and quantifications of deviations regarding schedule delays, loss of labor productivity, cost of acceleration measures taken and other diversions in the analyzed contract.

Hormigon HECT has a Corporate Compliance Program and it is committed to its principles, values and goals, which are the very basis for the continuity and sustainability of its business.


  • Expert Witness

  • Claim Management

  • Contract Monitoring

  • Dispute Board

  • Mediations

  • Contract and Construction Audits

  • Project management

  • Consulting Engineering

  • Compliance Management

  • Risks Analysis