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Technology & Digital Economy

Curiosity in working with new technology and connected legal expertise characterize our practice area Technology and Digital Economy. With our interdisciplinary Homburger TechGroup encompassing tech-savvy and experienced lawyers, we support clients who digitize their business models in a global and competitive environment, implement new technology and prepare their offerings for the future.

Data-Driven, Digitized Business Models and Platform Solutions

  • Structuring of data-driven, digitized business models and platform solutions in regulated and non-regulated markets
  • Development of strategies and implementation of measures to protect digital business models, in particular with regard to data and interface ownership, protection against replication and misappropriation

Infrastructure for the Global, Digitized Economy (Cloud, XaaS, Digital Marketplaces, etc.)

  • Structuring and implementation of infrastructure solutions for the global, digitized economy in particular in regulated industries in accordance with regulatory requirements

FinTech | InsurTech

  • Advising financial service providers, insurance companies and start-ups on the structuring and implementation of innovative, digitized products, e.g. in the fields of investment management, platform and crowd funding, financial analytics, open banking, identity and security management, payment systems and insurance solutions
  • Coordination with supervisory authorities obtaining licenses and no action letters as well as leveraging networks with third parties

Blockchain | Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

  • Advice on blockchain | DLT projects, e.g. in relation to smart contracts and decentralized applications, in the financial industry and in other industries, in particular also regarding the tokenization of securities (shares | bonds | derivatives) and other financial instruments as well as regarding initial coin offerings (ICOs) | token generating events (TGE)
  • Structuring of trading platforms and custody solutions for tokens as well as advice on primary and secondary market activities regarding crypto assets (payment | utility | asset or security tokens)

Cybersecurity and Cyber Incident Response

  • Advice on contingency planning for possible cyber attacks (regulatory requirements, insurance aspects, security measures, etc.)
  • Provision of immediate legal assistance in the event of a cyber incident
  • Support with regard to communication and cooperation with Swiss and foreign authorities, affected persons and the public


  • Our Technology and Digital Economy practice focuses on the following areas:

    • Data-Driven, Digitized Business Models and Platform Solutions
    • Infrastructure for the Global, Digitized Economy (Cloud, XaaS, IoT, Digital Marketplaces, etc.)
    • Digitized Capital Market | Crypto-Finance
    • FinTech | InsurTech
    • CorpTech
    • Blockchain | Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
    • Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Autonomous Systems
    • Cybersecurity and Cyber Incident Response