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Richard Gilbey
Jehan-Philippe Jacquey
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Founded in 1992, our Paris-based law firm has continuously provided legal advice and expertise to clients throughout the world for the protection and defence of their Intellectual Property assets.

The firm advises both French and international clients and associates, including major, multinational corporations in the pharmaceutical, tobacco, alcoholic products, cosmetics, electronics, food and beverage, consumer products, apparel and luxury goods fields, in all phases of management of their I.P. assets.

We provide complete and personalized legal services encompassing all phases of Intellectual Property management, including clearance and protection of trademarks, designs or other distinctive signs, enforcement against unlawful use, and centralized world-wide coordination of Intellectual Property portfolios and litigation through our extensive network of selected associate firms, as well as an expertise in Customs surveillance and enforcement, providing both domestic and international clients with strategic anti-counterfeiting solutions.

We pride ourselves for an a high degree of responsiveness to our clients budgetary and management requirements and objectives.


  • Selection of Intellectual Property Assets

  • Protection of Intellectual Property Assets

  • Administration of Intellectual Property Assets

  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Assets