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The 2008 Financial Crisis created the need for professional independent wealth management services in Perú. Answering this call, we launched Gamnic in June 2009. Our goal is to provide value and peace of mind to our clients thru a service model that answers to their specific needs. Our work is anchored in the following principles:

Clear communication. Use simple accessible language.
Independence. Be always aligned to remain objective and pick the best investment alternatives for our clients.
Focus. Committed to long term capital preservation and growth.
Diversity. Our team´s skills, interests and experience complement our own.
Growth and Transparency. We focus in personalized service, education and helping our clients better understand their investments.
Purpose. Provide value and peace of mind to our clients, so they can make the best investment decisions.

Track record 
11 years providing investment advice to high net worth families looking to protect and grow their wealth. Our investment philosophy focuses on capital preservation thru the world´s safest investment vehicles. The net dollar rate of return for our clients stands at an average 5.82% per year since we started in 2009.

Team & Differenciation
Our team combines a strong set of complementary skills and experience. Our senior partners all have spent over 20 years each in the fields of 3rd party money management, investments and financial services. Our younger partners and junior members bring a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. We all share strong principles and diverse interests.



    Our investment philosophy focuses on long term capital preservation. This is achieved not only by safeguarding their assets, but by making them grow in time. We focus and operate in the safest, most efficient market in the world, the United States. This is done thru a US dollar denominated, traditional stock and bond assent allocation model that utilizes ETFs, the most efficient and diversified investment vehicles in the world.


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