Fréget Tasso De Panafieu

9, rue de Chaillot,
75116 Paris
Display phone number 01 85 08 04 01
Olivier Freget
Charlotte Tasso De Panafieu


As far as Fréget – Tasso de Panafieu is concerned, competition law should put a stop to economic rent, even if that means shaking up the rules by which the freedom to conduct a business are shackled. The Firm acts alongside established stakeholders or new entrants, for compliance with law and its implementing procedures.

A Firm specialising in competition law and regulation

The Firm serves all economic stakeholders and focuses exclusively on competition law and regulation. It is independent and works in an integrated fashion alongside a network of partners and it guarantees its clients the substantial involvement of the partners in defining and implementing their legal strategy by representing them at national and EU level before courts, competition authorities and sector regulators.

Involved principally in regulated sectors (energy, life sciences, telecom, media, transport) the Firm acts both in common law litigation, competition litigation and litigation arising from sector regulation, by systematically analysing the opportunity of cross-claims.

The partners are also active before civil, commercial and national administrative courts and before the courts of the EU. In recent years, they have particularly instituted interlocutory proceedings before the French Supreme Administrative Court (in conjunction with specialized lawyers) and followed up a number of high-profile disputes before the EU Commission and the Court of Justice of the EU.