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Joël Grangé
Philippe Montanier
Arnaud Chaulet
Marine Conche
Florence Aubonnet
Juliana Kovac
Olivier Kress
Blandine Allix
Nabila Fauché-El Aougri
Stéphanie Guedes Da Costa
Laurent Gamet
Stephanie Dumas
Joumana Frangie-Moukanas
Cyprien Pialoux
Jeannie Crédoz-Rosier
Charlotte Michaud
Bruno Fieschi
Corinne Potier
Aurélie Cormier Le Goff
Florence Bacquet
Caroline Scherrmann
Camille Ventejou
Frédéric Guillaume Laprévote
Stephane Bloch
Emmanuel Raynaud
Amandine Vetu


In line with the internationalisation of companies, Flichy Grangé Avocats has built up since its creation recognised high-level expertise in employment and labour law issues with international ramifications. Our team, made up of lawyers from international law firms who are fluent in English, has been structured to meet the specific needs of multinationals.

Many international groups come to us with their complex files. We help them to handle their cross-border projects such as European or international restructurings, transfers of business activities and employees, setting up European Works Councils, expatriation, inpatriation and employee secondment. Our expertise is
based on our in-depth experience of day-to-day management of international legal matters and a network of legal correspondents in foreign countries composed of the best local specialists.


L&E Global is an international platform of 25 prominent employment-law firms co-founded by Flichy Grangé Avocats in 2011. It is the world’s very first international integrated legal alliance which specializes in providing counsel on cross-border labor and employment law issues.


  • Restructuring and employment practice

  • Remuneration policies and benefits practice

  • Health and safety practice

  • The collective negotiation and working time practice

  • The social security and mandatory contributory schemes practice

  • The risky litigation practice

  • The company managers and international mobility practice

  • The ethics and diversity practice

  • Pension & contingency

  • The public service and state-owned companies practice

  • Vocational training

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