R. Gomes de Carvalho, 1507 - 4º e 5º andares - Vila Olímpia
04547-005 São Paulo
Display phone number +55 (11) 3805-0222
Paulo Focaccia
Marcio Lamonica
Renata Homem De Melo
Pedro Eroles


Focaccia, Amaral e Lamonica Sociedade de Advogados – FAS Advogados – has a philosophy of delivering added value to their clients’ business, working at the pace required by the market, and understanding the peculiarities of each sector. We believe that legal services can only be fully performed by bringing continuous in-depth technical qualification and expertise to our clients’ businesses, deeply focused to their expectations. FAS Advogados has established itself as one of the most dynamic law firms on the Brazilian market, by providing legal services that are able to positively and strategically impact their clients’ businesses. Our team consists of qualified professionals, dedicated to providing high-level legal services within strict ethical standards. We aim to establish legal services in a way that rewards personal qualities, in line with the most contemporary methods of successful business relationships. Internally, we strive for participatory management, providing our team with the opportunity to collaborate with ideas, suggestions, and innovations that aim to implement our practices.

The greatest challenge, in the last decade has been to keep up with a fast-changing market. This challenge, however, has only served as an incentive for FAS Advogados to create a flexible firm that is adaptable to different business models, allowing us to understand the needs of companies from different sectors. Our practice areas that specifically serve the Startup and Innovation Market are highly focused on the Payment and Fintechs industries. We advise some of the most significant players in those segments. Our Banking, Payments, and Fintech team is recognized for its technique, personalized services, and innovative approach. We advise our clients on the analysis and structuring of new financial products and payment solutions. Our work also involves advising financial institutions (including credit Fintechs), payment schemes, payment institutions (electronic money issuers, and credit card acquirers and issuers), sub-acquirers, marketplaces, technology companies, and international payments facilitators. The team works with some of the main players in the financial, payments, and technology sectors. Among our main services are:

• Structuring and applying for licenses with the Central Bank of Brazil for financial institutions (including credit Fintechs), payment schemes, and payment institutions;

• Drafting of policies for financial and payment institutions, such as KYC/AML and cybersecurity policies;

• Advising cryptocurrencies exchanges and e-wallets;

• Filing administrative proceedings with the Central Bank of Brazil and the Appeals Council of the Brazilian Financial System;

• Advising banking, foreign exchange, derivatives, and payments regulations;

• Analyzing, structuring, and adapting financial and payment products;

• Drafting and negotiating financial agreements and other agreements related to payment structures (such as agreements with payment schemes, acquirers etc.);

• Structuring of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs);

• Submitting responses to public consultations made by the Central Bank of Brazil;

• Advising Open Banking and instant payments.


  • Banking, Payments and Fintechs

  • Communication Law

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