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EBA Endrös-Baum Associés deals with the questions, problems, projects and visions of international companies with interests in France and in Germany, providing services in a prompt, efficient, purposeful and pragmatic manner, at reasonable costs. Our Franco-German based firm intervenes both as a counselling and litigation firm before French and German jurisdictions as well as before the ICC and other Arbitrations Courts, in the practice areas of industrial risk, plant construction, industrial product liability and safety, health products (pharmaceutical products and medical devices), and the related insurance law.

International companies operating in cross-border business between French, German and English speaking countries often encounter legal and communication difficulties. These may arise from linguistic or cultural differences, or sometimes from substantial differences in law. Detailed knowledge of the foreign legal system and an understanding of linguistic and cultural differences are necessary for efficient dealings with cross border counterparts. This applies also to intra-company communication between parent and subsidiary.

Practice areas

EBA gives advice and assistance mostly to international companies and insurance companies, in the field of industry and health in different languages (mostly German, French, and English). EBA intervenes in all industry related businesses as supply contracts, plant construction, products safety and product liability regarding industrial products as well as pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

EBA accompanies its clients throughout their life cycle by providing contract coordination as well as claim and litigation handling including alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation and settlement) from the stage of entering into contracts with either public or private entities, through to subcontracts, including all questions of insurance and liability coverage, to the potential claim and litigation handling in cooperation with the insurance. The firm initially based in Paris has developed a strong team based in Munich. EBA Endrös-Baum Associés also practises on a high level in German litigation conforming to German law and gives advice and assistance for companies seeking to develop or to create industrial or insurance business in Germany.

EBA Endrös-Baum Associés has longstanding experience in expertise proceedings involving French court-appointed experts and European party-appointed experts. To ensure advice on a top-level, EBA Endrös-Baum Associés works in close cooperation with highly specialised law-firms in business areas not covered by the firm, such as tax law.


  • General Business Law:


    • Industrial risk
    • Construction law and provision of industrial equipment
    • Product liability
    • Insurance law