Luis Carrera 1263 of 202A
Vitacura Santiago
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Santiago Doña Vial
Margarita Riveaux García-Huidobro


Doña Vial Abogados is a boutique law firm specialized in labor and employment. Since its fundation in 2017, it has had significant growth, advising and representing companies in differents industries giving an integral labor advice to their clients, with important work being done in the food, mining, construction, logistic, and retail industries among others.

Currently, it has 5 lawyers specialized in the subject, headed by Santiago Doña and the Senior lawyer Margarita Riveaux, allowing to answer on time to the client.

The firm advises companies in the following areas:

Day-to-day advice: The firm advises 17 clients of different industries solving on time their request, most of those clients belongs to international capitals with subsiadiries in Chile.

Union advice and Collective bargaining: It solved different requests, from anti-union practices demand, Multirut, to, for administrative fines claims.

Migration: On migration issues, the firm advises several companies
in the migration process of their executives.

Due diligence processes: Doña Vial has been entrust in several Due Dilligence process detecting posible contingency in the labor area.


  • Labor and Employment Law

  • Migration


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