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Since the early Sixties, and from the 90’s with Mr Matteo D’Argenio, ​Studio Legale D’Argenio has offered its strong expertise in insurance, and banking and financial law to life and non-life insurance Companies, Intermediaries and Banks. In spring 2015, Mr. Andrea Polizzi and his team joined the firm, which was consequently renamed ​Studio Legale D’Argenio Polizzi e Associa​ti (SLDPA). The unprecedented combination of experience and knowledge in the field of insurance, banking and financial market law, as well as in the areas of corporate law and 231 compliance, enhanced the professional reputation of SLDPA as a leading boutique law firm in consulting, assistance and representation in litigations in the corresponding areas.

Insurance Law, Banking Law and Financial Market Law

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale has an extensive expertise in providing legal assistance and consulting to insurance companies, financial institutions, leasing companies, SIMs and Italian and international trust companies.

In the insurance sector, the D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale provides legal assistance and legal advisory services with particular reference to the drafting and revision of policy contracts, contracts for the establishment of companies and businesses operating in the insurance, re-insurance or intermediation industry, legal assistance in the management of claims, management of relationships with the supervisory authorities, analysis of the regulatory framework, compliance, authorization procedures and management of relationships with brokers, agents and other intermediaries (above all banks and finance companies).

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale represents also insurance companies, banks and finance companies in the entire Italian territory in the context of judicial controversies or arbitrations arising from insurance/banking or financial contracts, also with reference to subrogation and recovery proceedings.


  • Insurance Law, Banking Law and Financial Market Law

  • Litigation

  • Compliance Law and Corporate Liability Law

  • New Technology and Privacy Law

  • Assistance in specialised arbitration disputes (ABF and ACF)

  • Non-judical assistance and legal advice

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