Covarrubias & Cia

Enrique Foster Sur 39, 9th Floor, Las Condes
Las condes Santiago
Display phone number +562 28872300
Arturo Covarrubias
Sofía Covarrubias
Daniela Castro
Augusto Perez
Juan Pablo Klenner


Covarrubias & Cía. is a specialized firm exclusively focused on the Intellectual Property field, sprouted due to the rapid economic growth that Chile has experienced during the lasts decades.  
A team of professionals working together for more than a decade is ready to personally assist the client. We speak of a united and proactive group of attorneys at law, biologists, chemists, engineers, designers and paralegals with thorough knowledge of the domestic and foreign regulation of Industrial Property, Copyrights, New Technologies, Privacy and Media.  
Associated with an efficient network of international correspondents due to years of work in the IP field, Covarrubias & Cía. has become a valuable option for domestic clients who desire to protect their intellectual assets abroad. Likewise, international clients have a strategic partner in Covarrubias & Cía. for the protection, surveillance and management of their intellectual property assets in Chile and Latin America.


  • Innovation, Technology & Intellectual Property practice

    • Trademarks
    • Patents
    • Copyrights                
    • Domain Names
    • Internet, New Technologies, Privacy and Media
    • Sanitary Regulation
    • Litigation


  • General IP - Litigation: Arturo Covarrubias
  • Trademarks: Sofía Covarrubias
  • Patents - Biotechnology: Daniela Castro
  • Patents - Engineering and Design: Augusto Perez
  • Domain Names: Juan José Prieto
  • Copyrights, New Technologies and Media: Juan Pablo Klenner