Rua Jornalista Djalma Andrade, 46 - 12º andar
30320-540 Belo Horizonte
Clémenceau Chiabi Saliba Júnior
Natália Martins Barcelos
Bruna Moreira Beire
Geovana Chaves Lisboa Saliba
Amanda De Castro Almeida Mendes
Letícia Baracho Thibau
Débora Totini Seabra Barreto


Clémenceau Chiabi & Associated Engineers was founded in 2005 with the purpose of offering personalized customer service. As a boutique office, it provides service of technical excellence in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, production engineering and architecture.

Under the leadership of the partner Clémenceau Chiabi Saliba Júnior, the office provides a close and personalized service to their customers, valuing ethic, dedication and constant enhancing of their members. It has a professional group with engineering and architecture training, graduation in engineering expertise and broad knowledge in judicial and arbitration expertise, dispute boards, contract management, contractual risk analysis, analysis of lawsuits, property inspections and property valuation.


  • Claims and Arbitration

    • Arbitrator
    • Engineering Expert (designated by the arbitral tribunal or nominated by the parties)
    • Party’s Technical Assistant
    • Referee
    • Expert Witness
  • Other Activities

    • Contract Management
    • Contractual Risk Analysis and Technical Analysis of Lawsuits
    • Dispute Board
    • Property Inspections
    • Real Estate Appraisals
    • Lectures, courses and workshops
  • Engineering Expert Evidence

    • Engineering Litigation Support, Expert Witness and Technical Assistance
    • Arbitration Expert Evidence

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