Luis A. de Herrera & 26 de Marzo 1248, Floor 2, Of. 258
11300 Montevideo
Display phone number +598 2622 9990
Virginia Cervieri
Pablo Monsuárez
Natalia Paladino
Anabel Frachia
Diego Cervieri
Andrea Oliva
Lucía Cantera


CERVIERI MONSUAREZ is a full-service IP law firm.

Each partner or senior associate leads a different area in which he is highly specialized. Each area has its own team of senior lawyers, junior lawyers and paralegals, which is repeated in each one of the offices. This allows a wide specialization in each area and the client receives a very specific treatment according to the subject matter. All partners actively participate as speakers in events (in the region and in the rest of the world).

CM is the only law firm that has developed its own software that allows the monitoring of its clients’ brands and products, in the main platforms and social networks, allowing online research, product removal, market studies, etc.

CM is in charge of the most representative cases in IP matters, with international notoriety, which position the firm as a reference in litigation. It also has a Brand Protection department, which represents world brands in Latin America. We are the representatives of several brands, defending their IP rights in all that territory, representing them in seminars, training authorities and assisting in thecoordination of the global work.

We take care of it.



  • Montevideo
  • Free Trade Zone


  • Asunción


  • La Paz
  • Santa Cruz de la Sierra



  • We work in the following areas, which are in charge of:


    • IP strategy and global anti-counterfeiting in charge of Dr. Virginia
    • Cervieri
    • Litigation, by Dr. Pablo Monsuárez
    • Anticounterfeiting, by Anabel Frachia
    • Trademarks, patents and copyrights, by Natalia Paladino
    • Online monitoring and international brands, by Diego Cervieri
    • Corporate Law, by Andrea Oliva
    • IP trials and commercial agreements, by Lucía Cantera
    • Regulatory, by Viviana Cervieri
    • Brand Protection in Latin America, by María Laura Perna

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