Avenida Taquary, 97, Bairro Cristal
90810-180 Porto Alegre
Display phone number +55 51 3233 3588
Márcio Louzada Carpena
Valternei Melo
Jaqueline Franceschetti
Alexsandro Linck


Founded in 1980, under a pioneering, forward-looking vision, the purpose of the Carpena Advogados Associados law firm was to provide customized, top quality legal services in Porto Alegre, the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul.

Based on a solid structure and the philosophy of standing out for high technical standards, over time our firm has earned the legal community’s respect and the admiration of those who somehow have come in contact with us. As a result, little by little the number of attorneys and partners grew.

In the course of time, we have also expanded our practice to other locations and started operating heavily in Brasília and especially São Paulo, where since 2009 we have run a branch office dedicated to structured operations, M&A, and legal support for corporate projects.
Today, Carpena Advogados Associados caters to small, medium and large companies in a wide variety of legal areas through highly qualified attorneys holding specialization, Master’s (LLM) and doctoral degrees from schools in Brazil and abroad.

In the course of over three decades, Carpena Advogados Associados has earned the trust of countless, important clients who have been served for a long time. Incidentally, our clients’ loyalty shows our firm has been able to cultivate advantageous, long-lasting relationships which are the product of quality work especially in terms of putting in practice projects dedicated not only to defending but mostly to prevent legal problems.

Under our firm’s philosophy and structure, it is easy to set up other branch offices, support networks or physical bases in other cities in Brazil and abroad, whether to assist clients with special, structured operations or even in terms of litigations.


  • Administrative Law

  • Banking Law

  • Business Law

  • Civil Law

  • Contract Law

  • Corporate Law

  • Energy Law

  • Environmental Law

  • Family and Succession Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Labor Law

  • Tax Law

  • Telecommunications

  • Bankruptcy & Restructuring

  • Trade Law

  • Intellectual Property

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