Calle las Orquídeas 2750 of.301
Lima 14 Lima
Display phone number 511 4224196
Fernando Capuñay
Andrea Velásquez
Nicolle Ríos
Carlos Caro
Christian Gallegos
Henry Zaravia


C&C Abogados is a legal firm offering a wide range of services with a special focus on dispute resolution: conciliation, mediation, trials, arbitration, dispute boards and other alternative dispute resolution methods. Their specialization is completed by their experience in corporate and administrative law, which allows them to assist their clients with a transversal approach. They help clients with issues related to commercial, civil, environment, administrative and regulatory matters. “We have several years of experience, our practice is focused on private arbitration and public procurement, we participate as lawyers or arbitrators.

Our key differentiator is the creativity and innovation that we apply to solve the cases of our clients, achieving the goals through legal knowledge and creative strategy. “We propose the best way to solve the controversy, taking care of details” says Fernando Capuñay, Managing Partner. 

In C&C Abogados they work on three key strategic points that differentiate them from any other firm in the market:

1. Human Capital: They focus on the people who make up the team, for that they recruit the best students from the most prestigious law schools in the country, they qualify their knowledge and they analyze their professional development, identifying their skills in legal dexterity and in the creation of out-of-box strategies

2. Specialty: One of the requirements of the firm is the specialty of the members of each area, for that they have professionals who have performed in other leading firms in their field, in international competitions and who publish constantly in magazines Specialized. In addition, their clients trust in their professionals because an exhaustive follow-up in each case and operation. They confirm that with satisfaction surveys, obtaining excellent results

3. Creativity: Legal knowledge is important, however it can not go alone, they have the most creative team, these guarantees the most innovative strategies for each specific case and the customer satisfaction. The creativity of each member of the firm is reinforced by their exposure to difficult cases and their extra-business activity (music, art, sports, etc.). Creativity is linked to the excellent results that they have achieved so far.

That is why, as a business law firm, they are also serving entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies and investors, and they are considered by  the most prestigious rankings and publications as a top tier law firm in Peru and Latin America.


  • Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Commercial Arbitration

  • State Investor Arbitration

  • Insurance and Reinsurance

  • Startups and Entrepreneurship

  • Consumer Law

  • Fintech

  • Real Estate

  • Public Law & Regulatory Disputes

  • Corporate Law

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