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We are recognized for being a leader in strategic law solutions, especially at higher courts. Our team manages broad experience and technical expertise to meet the specific requirements of each client. Many of our lawyers are law professors and well-renowned authors of books and articles on academic legal issues. Our unique proposition derives from the continual exchange between legal academia theory and law practice.

BFBM also provides advice on other spectrum of dispute resolution issues and acts on both judicial and administrative proceedings. It also works on regulatory, tax, labor, corporate, and public law litigation cases. The firm has specialized teams in banking, telecom, and technology. It represents clients from a wide range of sectors, including oil and gas, transportation and infrastructure, food and beverage, insurance, and entertainment.

The firm has an outstanding reputation and focuses on customizing services by putting together the right team for each case, on amalgamating creativity, top quality professionalism, and experience in various industry sectors to fulfil the client’s needs. The team frequently tackles the most complex cases for its client’s portfolio.

Always in line with legal and ethical standards that rule the practice of law, BFBM keeps an up to date compliance program by following per under relevant legislation, to provide a safe working environment for our professionals and clients.


  • Administrative & Regulatory Law

  • Arbitration

  • Banking

  • Business Labor Law

  • Data Protection and Compliance

  • Digital & Technology

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Higher Courts

  • Legislative Consulting

  • Oil & Gas

  • Tax

  • Telecommunications