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Adriana Barrera
María Inés Herrera


BARLAW arises from the experience gained by its members in activities related to the protection of Intellectual Property of national and foreign clients, as well as the field work carried out in application of legal measures against product piracy and counterfeiting, which its founding members have performed for more than 20 years. This experience is embodied in a broad knowledge of protection and defense of Intellectual Property in Peru, and also of the legal procedures that this specialty requires before different public entities.

Professionals in BARLAW provide legal advice and defense that meet the highest quality standards, with a personalized approach in an opportune and efficient manner, acting coordinately with the design, implementation and execution of strategies that allow our clients to maintain an efficient management of issues related to Intellectual Property in business.

Intellectual Property practice is performed altogether with corporate affairs required by our clients, which include commercial contracts, incorporation of companies and its internal regulation, legal management and other affairs of commercial nature that are connected to corporate matters, and therefore, take part in the permanent practice of BARLAW.


  • Trademarks

  • Copyrights

  • Patents

  • Anti Piracy

  • Anti Counterfeiting

  • Enforcement

  • Internet

  • E-commerce and domain names

  • Data Protection

  • Sanitary and Regulatory registration