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Clément Jaffray
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Paul Demay
Margaux Parmentier


As one of the largest IP firms in Europe, BARDEHLE PAGENBERG offers full service in all fields of Intellectual Property, including all procedures before the patent and trademark offices as well as litigation before the relevant courts.

Teams of attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys provide services tailored to the clients’ particular needs and to the specifics of the matters. Upon the firm’s creation in 1977, its founders innovated in launching the concept of interprofessional firm in Germany, that is to say uniting the competences of attorneys-at-law and of patent attorneys within the same firm.

The professionals of BARDEHLE PAGENBERG have many years’ experience in safeguarding and enforcing inventions in many fields, ranging from consumer products such as sports products and cosmetics, to sophisticated medical treatments and high-tech industrial methods.

BARDEHLE PAGENBERG combines the professional expert knowledge of attorneys-at-law, patent engineers, trademark-specialized attorneys, technical advisors and qualified legal counsel.

BARDEHLE PAGENBERG has longstanding relationships with many top-level patent attorney firms in the United States as well as in emerging markets in Asia such as China.


  • Patent Litigation

  • Patent Prosecution

  • Trademarks

  • Designs

  • Copyright

  • Domain Names

  • IT Law

  • Employee Inventions

  • Unfair Competition Law

  • Licensing

  • Competition/Antitrust

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