Arruda Alvim & Thereza Alvim Advocacia e Consultoria Jurídica

Rua Atlântica, 516 - Jardim América
01440 902 São Paulo
Display phone number +55 11 2106-0009
José Manoel De Arruda Alvim Netto
Thereza Celina Diniz De Arruda Alvim
Eduardo Arruda Alvim
Angélica Arruda Alvim
Gianfrancesco Genoso
Araken De Assis
Armando Verri Júnior
Fernando Anselmo Rodrigues
Fernando Crespo Queiroz Neves
Everaldo Augusto Cambler
Aluizio José Cherubin


In 1960, José Manoel de Arruda Alvim Netto and Thereza Celina Diniz de Arruda Alvim, founded a law firm in Sao Paulo, today recognized as one of Brazil’s most prestigious practices. 

The firm’s partners include nationally renowned legal professionals with expertise in every field of law, offering the skills and capacity to not only provide legal representation in litigation, but deliver legal consulting, mediation and arbitration services as well. 

Through innovative and pioneering efforts, the firm have successfully maintained ongoing exchange between the academic world and the legal profession through the years. 

The firm’s goal is to provide advice in strategic legal matters to individuals and businesses, and serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of clients’ business growth and development with a body of legal professionals with broad technical and academic expertise.


  • Administrative Law

  • Antitrust

  • Arbitration

  • Banking

  • Environmental Law

  • Insurance

  • Intellectual Property

  • Labor Law

  • Litigation

  • Real Estate

  • Tax