Aramburú Castañeda Boero

Lord Nelson 245 Miraflores,
Lima 18 Lima
Display phone number (511) 610 - 6161
Manuel Diego Aramburú Yzaga
Oscar Boero
Fernando Melgar
Gustavo Ramos


Aramburú Castañeda Boero – Attorneys is a top Peruvian law firm providing legal advice and counsel in the different areas of law.
We are a modern, capable, and proactive law firm operating within a globalized world and largely acknowledged for having undertaken the responsibility of being a strategic ally of its clients and for creating lasting professional relationships with them.
At Aramburú Castañeda Boero - Attorneys we are committed to our Clients we work with, for, and in the best interests of our clients, and give priority attention to delivering personalized service to them. 
All of our work teams are led by one of our members / partners.
We provide comprehensive, creative, and innovative solutions which not only add value to the business of our clients, but help them make rightful decisions. We are very careful is attending all of our clients in due time, we understand that in business time is very important and timely legal advice is crucial for decision making. 
Our professionals have earned their law degrees from most prestigious universities and have taken up postgraduate studies, majors or masters’ programs at locally and internationally renowned universities.
They have been recruited based on their personal qualities, trustworthiness, and academic excellence. Our team’s experience was earned not only through professional practice, but also from having successfully held positions in the public and private sectors.
We devote a substantial portion of our time to attending national and international training forums, in which we take part not only as participants, but also as guest speakers.
Arbitration is one of the most important areas in which our law firm concentrates. We have several years of experience and practice acting as arbitrators as well as lawyers defending a party. Our arbitration team leader is a University professor, for more than twenty years, member of the Lima Chamber of Commerce arbitration court, and he is a member of the most important Peruvian arbitration institutions.



    • Commercial Arbitration
    • Arbitration arising from State contracts
    •  Investors – State Arbitrators
    •  Litigation and Litigation related to arbitration
    •  Corporations
    •  Labor and Tax Law
    •  White-collar  crime
    •  Telecommunications
    •  Compliance
    •  Real  Estate