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Allemant Law Office was founded seventy years ago as a criminal defense boutique, led by Dr. José Marcelo Allemant Muñoz. Due to economical demands and growth, now we offer a comprehensive corporate law service, expanding our legal support.
Our litiigation team relies on well trained professionals for performing defenses and monitoring trials. Our lawyers’ university training has been complemented by courses abroad, so they have developed procedures and special techniques for giving excellent advice about legal issues.
The efficiency of our work resides in the personalized treatment we give to our clients, which allows us to plan the adequate strategy for each case. That is because we consider trials involve human problems which require a suitable professional service, based on justice and social peace.

We consider that it is necessary to transmit confidence to our clients in order to defend their interests and rights, as our main aim is to translate the conflict to our workplace, meaning dealing directly and personally with the problem and defending it as it was our own, with objectivity and professionalism. The aim is reducing our clients’ concern about their litigations and allow them to continue their daily activities, so their productivity and efficiency are not affected.


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