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04533-010 São Paulo
Display phone number +55 11 3583-0092
Luiz Fernando Alongi
Fernando Manetta Gomes De Sá
Sérgio Alongi


The Consultancy is formed by engineers who are very experienced in construction contracts management, acquired along years in construction sites. The main construction contracts occurrences that may result in disputes among Parties are familiar to these professionals.

The Consultancy has been focused on identifying the evidence to be presented during the adversarial procedure and in searching it in technical and contractual documentation available. The aim is to identify technically and strategically the controversy core and to support the Party and its law firm in all their necessities during the dispute.

When acting as a Tribunal Expert one of the consultants tries to prepare the best analysis based on his background and experience that can help the Tribunal in its decision making.


  • Expert Witness

  • Civil Engineering Tribunal Expert

  • Party’s Technical Assistant

  • Mediator (Only for Infrastructure and Construction Contracts Mediations)

  • Dispute Board Member

  • Contract Revision Claim Consultant