Calle 70 A # 11-28 Barrio Quinta Camacho
Bogota Colombia
Display phone number PBX: (+571) 743 2015
Andrés Guzman Caballero
Axel Díaz
Paola Sierra
Marcela Esteban
Nathalie Beltrán


Adalid Corp. is the Pioneer and leader company in Colombia in investigating business and economic fraud in virtual environments.

Our services have a wide range of recipients, among others: law firms, corporations, companies, government institutions, state security forces and bodies, banks and in general, all types of public and private companies. As a company specialized in these matters, Adalid Corp. has the necessary experience to plan, obtain, analyze and prepare information related to legal and business conflicts.

We are the only company with a forensic team made up of more than 200 associate professionals from around the world; experts in all branches of science. Currently, we have our own laboratories, fully equipped and specialized for the analysis of graphological issues, forensic acoustics and digital evidence. Our interdisciplinary cases, based on a complete report of how defend your interests or those of your clients.

Thus, hand in hand with our lawyers, we collect, pack and present all the evidence that a judicial process may require, with the expertise and technology that only the experience of Adalid Corp has.


  • Forensic & Litigation Consulting

    • Acquisition and Analysis of E-evidence
    • Electronic Commerce Litigation
    • Criminal Litigation
    • Digital Forensics Laboratory


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