Astrid Gérard: “ Preu Bohlig has been enforcing and defending the rights of clients for more than 60 years

A recognized expert in trademark and competition law, Preu Bohlig partner Astrid Gérard tells us about the expansion of this team in recent months and shares the key points of the firm’s client-centric strategy.

Verfasst am Wednesday, June 30th 2021
Astrid Gérard: “ Preu Bohlig has been enforcing and defending the rights of clients for more than 60 years

Astrid Gérard

LEADERS LEAGUE. Within the soft IP department, you provide prosecution and litigation services to your clients: can you tell us what it covers, and the proportion of non-contentious versus contentious matters in the overall work volume?

Astrid Gérard: Preu Bohlig’s focus lies on contentious matters, and in the field of ‘soft IP’ our core areas are trademark law, design law, unfair competition law, copyright law as well as trade secret protection. Along with these areas comes the negotiation and drafting of license and delimitation agreements. Our expertise is based on comprehensive litigation experience before all courts in Germany including the Federal Court of Justice as well as before the Courts of the European Union. Preu Bohlig has more than 60 years of enforcing and defending the client’s rights against copycats or counterfeiters and an outstanding reputation for litigating. In unfair competition proceedings, design infringement and patent infringement proceedings in particular, Preu Bohlig has contributed to establishing jurisprudence. Likewise, our extensive lecturing activities and numerous publications are proof of our expertise.


‘‘As a medium-sized, agile law firm, we are very flexible when it comes to team composition’’

You provide advice on strategy for your clients: what are the key points of a good strategy according to Preu Bohlig?

Our clients appreciate our efficient, strategic work, always keeping the client’s interests in the foreground. In particular, Preu Bohlig has a strong profile in litigation for, but not only, mid-sized clients. What sets Preu Bohlig apart from competitors and large international firms is how we prioritize our clients first. All lawyers in our four offices in Germany work closely together, share their knowledge, and are involved in litigation proceedings according to their specific expertise and the needs of the client. As a medium-sized, agile law firm, we are always very flexible when it comes to team composition, and our clients appreciate this flexibility very much. It has also proven its worth, especially in the course of the contact restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Our close connections to IP law firms all over the world allow us to react in the shortest of times to cross-border infringements as well as to ensure that deadlines from courts and IP Offices are met. For each area of intellectual property we have specialized contacts.


Can you tell us about the recent expansion to your team and the reasons behind it?

As a consequence of the increasing demand of established and new clients, Preu Bohlig has continuingly widened its staff at both associate and partner level. Also, even in the pandemic, our clients have increasingly reached out to us regarding both new contentious issues as well as advice on their trademark strategy keeping in mind the trademark´s subsequent enforcement before courts.


Preu Bohlig participates in the training and education of new attorneys. Can you tell us more about how you support knowledge-improvement in the field?

For more than 30 years, Preu Bohlig has been offering the “Preu Course” to train future patent attorneys for their final examinations. Our experienced, skilled lawyers teach them twice a week not only on all relevant topics of patent law, but also on trademark law, design law and unfair competition law, in order to prepare them for the patent attorney exam. Likewise, our new attorneys attend these courses to broaden their own proficiency. This knowledge, which we impart to prospective patent and new attorneys, flows directly into practice to our clients´ benefit.