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New Technologies - Internet - 2017 Ranking of the Top Law Firms (France)

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  • Laurent Szuskin, Denise Lebeau-Marianna, Rémy Bricard, Christian Blomet, Magalie Dansac Le Clerc
  • Géraldine Arbant, Alexandre Vuchot, Marion Barbier, Marc Schuler, Stéphane Leriche, Ariane Mole, Cathie-Rosalie Joly
  • Gregory Tulquois, Stéphane Lemarchand, Carol Umhoefer, Fabienne Panneau, Jonathan Rofé
  • Héléna Delabarre, Christophe Pecnard, Éric Lauvaux, Emmanuelle Voisset
  • Claire Bouchenard, Béatrice Delmas-Linel, Lise Breteau, Xavier Picand
If you are working in the internet industry, you need reliable legal advice to guide you through this peculiar new domain of the law. Our teams have established the 2017 ranking of the best French Law firms for the internet Industry. Our teams have looked into it to find the best firms in the business : the fastest growing ones and the ones that were most recommended by their peers and clients. The result is online.

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