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Litigation & Arbitration - Distribution law & restrictive practices - 2017 Ranking of the Top Law Firms (France)

Law firm
  • Jean-Philippe Thibault, Marie Hindré
  • Dimitri Dimitrov, Antoine Choffel, Joëlle Salzmann, Emmanuel Reille
  • Emmanuelle Bordenave-Marzocchi, Jean-Christophe Grall, Thomas Lamy, Charles Henri Calla, Nathalia Kouchnir-Cargill
  • Frédérique Chaput, Bruno Néouze, Valérie Ledoux-Tömek
  • 1
  • Aurélien Condomines, Mireille Dany
  • Olivier Billard, Robert Saint-Esteben, Marie-Cécile Rameau, Jean-Daniel Bretzner
  • Dominique Ferré, Pierre le Monnier de Gouville, Corinne Hovnanian, Thierry Titone, Marie Du Gardin, Philippe Vanni
  • Linda Capoano-Le Pen, Béatrice Moreau-Margotin, Jean-Philippe Arroyo, Paul Ricard, Martine Karsenty-Ricard
  • Emmanuelle Voisset , Christophe Pecnard
  • Emmanuelle Behr, Frédéric Fournier
  • Odile Caron, Christine Sévère, Frédérique Meslay-Caloni, Emmanuelle van den Broucke
Valuable practice
  • Aurélie Dantzikian-Frochon, Jérôme Saleur, Marie Duverne-Hanachowicz
Leaders League publishes its new ranking editorials for the top French law firms focusing on distribution and restrictive practices. This new area has been studied by our market research team, who has been in contact with the best players in the business. This ranking will give you insights into the industry and allow you to choose your next business partner. The results are available online.

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