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2017 Ranking of the Top Law Firms in France - Product Liability Litigation

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  • Christophe Lapp, Guillaume Forbin, Louis des Cars, Julien Balensi, François Muller, Armand Aviges
  • Rémi Passemard, Aurélia Cadain, Romain Dupeyré, Pascal Ormen, Christian Bouckaert, Alexis Valençon
  • Christian Connor, Olivier Samyn, Nicolas Joumier, Alexandre Gruber
  • Arnaud Buisson-Fizellier, Christophe Pech de Laclause, François Berbinau
  • Yannis Samothrakis, Rozenn Lopin, Maylis Casati-Ollier, Anne-Isabelle Torti, David Brown, Gildas Rostain
  • Xavier Lebrasseur, Philippe El Fadl, Patrick Moureu, Stéphanie Luttringer
  • Mohamed Zohair, Emmanuelle Lutfalla, Isabelle Allemand, Jean-Marie Coste-Floret, Amélia Brault, B. Esquelisse
This ranking features the best French law firms for Product liability litigation in 2017. Leaders League's teams have spent the last year interviewing law professionals to collect their opinion on the ranking. Corporate clients have also been taken into consideration, to get their opinions on the firms that helped them best on complicated product liability litigation cases. The result is available in our online ranking.

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