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Banking & finance - Bond capital markets (DCM) - Rankings 2017 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • Diana Billik, Hervé Ekué, Fabrice Faure-Dauphin, Dave Sachin, Dan Lauder, Driss Bererhi
  • Hubert Merveilleux du Vignaux, Gilles Saint-Marc, Pawel Grzeskowiak, Tim Theroux, Jean-Marc Desaché, Mélinda Arsouze, Christopher Mead, Arnaud Duhamel, Julien David, Margaret Boswell, Xavier de Kergommeaux
  • Véronique Delaittre, Bertrand Sénéchal, Luis Roth, Bertrand Andriani
  • N. Nègre Eveillard, V. Morin, T. Le Vert, C. Gargaro, F. De Vita, C. Chang, P. Herbelin, G. Endréo, S. Robillard, G. Karila
  • 1
  • Karine Sultan, Samuel Pariente, Raphaële Courtier, Olivier Saba
  • Sharon Lewis, Baptiste Gelpi, Vincent Fidelle, Katia Merlini
Finding the right financing is essential to sustain a company's growth or to make sure it will not collapse. Leaders League, after months of investigation, has established this ranking so that you can find who will be there to prevent you from legal issues which might appear when you invest in a company or when your firm gets new funding.

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