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2016 Ranking of the Top Law Firms in France - Construction (Markets, Civil Engineering, Contracts and Consulting)

Law firm
  • Christophe Lapp, Louis des Cars, François Muller, Éric Métais
  • Stanislas Dwernicki, Éric Martin-Impératori
  • Carol Santoni, Jean-Philippe Lorizon, Nicolas Boytchev
  • Denis Chardigny, François Régis Fabre Falret, Aurélie Dauger, Marie-Odile Vaissié
Valuable practice
  • 1
  • Pierre-Charles Ranouil, Valéry Denoix de Saint-Marc, Ferenc Gonter, Laurent Cotret
  • Béatrice Majza , Grégory Berkovicz, Guillaume Sauvage
  • Alexandre de Gouyon Matignon, Michel Meyer, Robert Meilichzon
Construction, civil engineering and what is commonly called in French BTP (Bâtiments et Travaux publics) represent a separate branch of law. Leaders League's teams have worked for months to find the best law firms in this sector so that dealmakers can find the best partner in their construction issues.

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