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2016 Ranking of the Top Investment Funds in the USA - LBO (Large-Cap)

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  • Stephen Allen Schwarzman (Chairman and CEO), Hamilton Evans James (President and Chief Operating Officer)
  • James Coulter (Co-Chief Executive Officer), Jon Winkelried (Co-Chief Executive Officer)
  • David Kaplan (Co-Head of Private Equity), Bennett Rosenthal (Co-Head of Private Equity)
  • Joshua Bekenstein (Co-Chairman), Michael Ward (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Glenn Hutchins (Co-Chief Executive Officer), James Davidson (Co-Chief Executive Officer)
Leaders League publishes its new ranking for the top American investment funds specialized in large-cap operations. This area has been studied by our market research team, who has been in contact with the best players in the business. This ranking will give you insights into the industry and allow you to choose your next business partner. Leaders League rankings are also available online.

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