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Carter Mack (President, JMP Group): “Bryan Garnier provides market access for our clients in Europe”

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Leaders League. How did the alliance between JMP and Bryan Garnier come about? 

Carter Mack. Our relationship with Bryan Garnier began a number of years ago, when we co-managed on an IPO for a medical device company. Subsequently we saw them a number of times in deals we were both on. Their middle-market investment banking platform focused on technology and life sciences in Europe is very similar to the type of platform we have in the US. A couple of years later their managing partner, Greg Revenu, got in touch with us and said they were looking for a partner to do an alliance for cross-border transactions. Since we were looking to grow into Europe, we felt this was a good way to do it.


What does the partnership/agreement mean for your clients, and how will it benefit their interests? 

Many of Bryan Garnier’s clients in Europe are focused on technology or life sciences, so when they are looking to sell their companies and they want to have access to US buyers, we can open those doors. For us, Bryan Garnier provides access for our clients who want to market in Europe. Given the amount of cross-border business that is being done, it is a very important alliance. When either of us has a client that is looking for broad marketing, the alliance allows us to do that. 


What is the perspective for JMP Bryan Garnier?

A lot of European biotech companies look to go public in the US because it’s a bigger, more developed capital market and because there are more funds here dedicated to life sciences. Many of their European clients are interested in an IPO listed in the US or are looking to get a listing on NASDAQ. We also have an opportunity to work together on a lot of cross-border M&A deals in the technology space, which is a really compelling reason for the alliance.



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